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Sorry but I can no longer supply this product.

The reason is one or more of these:

  • ...the product has been discontinued or replaced by the manufacturer.
  • ...there is now a similar, improved, upgraded or better product at similar or lower cost.
  • ...I have decided to discontinue the product on technical grounds.

Wherever possible I will try to offer a suitable alternative. Visit my Archive page of discontinued products to view suggested alternatives or contact the Sales Office for advice.


Classic Hand-Held CCD Reader

Please note: These popular scanners have been superseded by the Touch 65/90™ series. The Touch 65/90™ series does everything the DLC6000 series did and more. Click here for details.

Datalogic Classic CCD Scanners




General Description

Datalogic's DLC6065 family is a highly specified, quality CCD (Charge Coupled Device) Barcode Scanner. It uses the very latest technology coupled with a mature decoding algorithm and operating system which makes it one of the most reliable scanners of its type on the market today. The DLC6065 is well suited for demanding applications where accuracy, speed, robustness and long term reliability are important. DLC6065 performs applications in which codes do not exceed 65mm in length. Codes up to 87mm can be read by DLC6090.

The reading performance, thanks to excellent optics and the Software Focus Level System, is outstanding in terms of reliability on high and low density codes, even if of poor quality and applied on curved or uneven surfaces.

The 100 scan/sec rate is perfectly combined with a new powerful Datalogic decoding unit working at 25 MHz.

Reading aggressiveness is also enhanced by the readers' depth of field, namely from contact up to 5 cm, that allows proximity image acquisition without any risk of misreading codes placed very close to each other.

One of the major features of the Datalogic CCD series is represented by the multi standard interface mounted on a board. Connection to RS232, Wedge and Pen Emulation can be obtained using just one unit, by simply changing the plug-in cables. The main benefits of these features are: stock savings, faster delivery and , for the end user, long-term investment protection (the peripheral can adapt itself to possible changes in the system).

From a technological point of view, the CCD readers demonstrate unparalleled solutions. One of these is represented by the IHHC (Intelligent Hand-Held Controller), a single custom chip which integrates all the discrete components normally used in these devices. The innovative technology assures extreme reliability (by reducing the number of components you statistically reduce the risk of failure) and, after having performed the ISO9000 burn procedure and tests, possible break downs due to the electronics circuitry are drastically reduced.



Power Supply+ 5 Vdc ± 5% Directly from the terminal or PC in wedge and pen mode, or through an external Power Supply in RS232 mode
ConsumptionTypically 80 mA, 150 mA max
Light sourceVisible red LED
Max. resolution0.1 mm (DLC6065/6165) 0.13 mm (DLC6090)
Scan rate100 scans / sec
Print contrast ratioPCS = 15%
Reading field width65 mm (DLC6065/6165) 87 mm (DLC6090)
Reading distance0 to 50 mm on EAN 13 code
DecoderIntegrated Multistandard
Reading indicatorsLED and adjustable tone "beeper"
Reading safetyTime selection between each reading of the same code up to 9.9 sec
Reading barcodes2/5 family, EAN / UPC, Code 39, CODABAR, Code 128, Code 93 (Plessey & Telepen - DLC6165 only)
Reading modeSingle or autodiscrimination code
Programming methodReading special bar codes or via RS232 interface
InterfacesWedge (PC PS2 & AT, IBM terminals: 31xx, 32xx, 34xx, 37xx, 3153), RS232
Dimensions164 x 77.5 x 63 mm (DLC6065/6165) 175 x 100 x 80 mm (DLC6090)
Weight (approx.)160 g (DLC6065/6165) 195 g (DLC6090)
Case materialABS
Cable length2 m linear
Ambient light conditions30,000 lux max. (contact with code surface)
Operating temperature0 to 55 °C
Storage temperature-20 to 70 °C
Humidity90% non condensing
Drop resistanceIEC 68 - 2 - 32 Test ED
Protection classIP30

DLC6065 shown in Holder

Wall MountDesk Mount
Scanner in Wall HolderScanner in Desk Holder

We test and program each scanner immediately prior to despatch. You will be scanning within minutes of unpacking. For most applications on PCs (IBM Compatibles) the Keyboard Wedge models are most suitable, they require no additional software.

RS232 models have female DB9 connector (will fit a PC comms port) and if used with a PC will need suitable applications program. RS232 models require a Power Supply Unit.

Contact the Sales Office if unsure which model to choose

Prices & Ordering
The Web Prices shown here are specially discounted and apply only for automated credit card orders made from this web page. If you need a special configuration mention it on the order form and I will contact you if further details are needed. Purchase orders from existing customers, educational, public sector and other organisations are accepted. Normal prices and conditions will apply. Please ask if you need help or a quote.
Description Part
Web Price
UK pounds
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CCD Scanner, 65mm scan width, Keyboard Wedge interface, ready to scan DLC6065/kw  £ 149.00 add to cart
CCD Scanner, 65mm scan width, RS232 cable (DB9) includes PSU DLC6065/rs  £ 169.00 add to cart
CCD Scanner, with kwedge interface, includes Plessey & Telepen for some UK libraries DLC6165/kw  £ 192.00 add to cart
CCD Scanner, wide head (87mm), Keyboard Wedge interface DLC6090/kw  £ 171.00 add to cart
Programming Manual for DLC6065, DLC6165, DLC6090 DLC6065/manual  £ 20.00 add to cart
Desk or Wall Mount Holder for DLC6065 or DLC6165 DLC6065/holder  £ 12.50 add to cart

RS232 scanners can be fitted with DB25 connectors for use with our multiplexors for in-line use with a terminal. In this configuration the scanner takes its power from the multiplexor.

Other options are available. Contact the Sales Office for further information.

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