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Sorry but I can no longer supply this product.

The reason is one or more of these:

  • ...the product has been discontinued or replaced by the manufacturer.
  • ...there is now a similar, improved, upgraded or better product at similar or lower cost.
  • ...I have decided to discontinue the product on technical grounds.

Wherever possible I will try to offer a suitable alternative. Visit my Archive page of discontinued products to view suggested alternatives or contact the Sales Office for advice.

Industrial Hand-Held Laser Scanner

Please note: This popular scanner has been superseded by the Dragon D101. The D101 does everything the DLL6010-M series did and more. Click here for details .... Dragon D101


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General Description

Datalogic's proven experience and leadership in supplying barcode reading solutions to the manufacturing sector are further strengthened with the introduction of the DLL6010-M industrial hand-held laser gun.

Market research clearly demonstrated the need for a truly industrialised laser gun that is able to work reliably and consistently in harsh operating environments.

Responding to this need, Datalogic's design team has developed a tough yet ergonomic product with optimum manageability featuring: clearly audible dual beepers and bright 'good read' LEDs for areas where noise levels are normally high; optical parts completely suspended on shock absorbers to prevent misalignment after repeated 'knocks'; and careful choice of body materials, such as a composite of ABS, polycarbonate and co-moulded rubber, which combine to protect the DLL6010-M from damage due to 'falls' and make the unit extremely robust.

All of these features, together with a particularly comfortable grip ideal for continuous use, excellent reading performance and interfacing flexibility, make the DLL6010-M the ideal choice for all industrial applications.

Four optical versions of the DLL6010-M are available, with either an RS232 or KeyWedge interface. The GENERAL PURPOSE model (DLL6010-M) is suitable for the most common applications. The LONG RANGE model (DLL6015-M) reads codes on shelves or objects up to a distance of 2 metres away. For codes with resolutions up to 0.06mm, the VERY HIGH DENSITY model (DLL6012-M) is available. Finally, the HIGH VISIBILITY model (DLL6019-M) incorporates a high visibility laser beam which makes the aiming and capturing of data easier in external environments or where the level of ambient light is very high.


Power Supply 4 to 20 Vdc
Consumption 250 mA @ 4 V; 170 mA @ 5 V; 40 mA @ 20 V
Light Source 670 nm (G.P.); 640 nm (V.H.D.); 650 nm (L.R., H.V.)
Max. Resolution 0.12 mm (5 mils) G.P., H.V.
  0.06 mm (2.5 mils) V.H.D.
  0.25 mm (10 mils) L.R.
Scan Rate 36 3 scans/sec
Print Contrast Ratio (min) 15% (G.P., V.H.D.); 40% (H.V., L.R.)
Decoder Masked single chip decoder, 25 MHz
Sensor VLD
Reading Indicators Laser On, Good Read, Beeper
Reading Angle  
  Skew 60
  Pitch 5 to 55, -5 to -55
  Tilt 20
Barcodes 2/5 family, Code 39, Code 128, EAN 8, EAN 13, EAN/UPC
Programming Method  
  Manual Reading special barcodes
  Automatic (with RS232) S/W commands through the serial port
Interfaces RS232, Wedge (PC IBM AT/PS2, IBM terminals; 31xx, 32xx, 34xx, 37xx, 3153), pen emulation
Dimensions (without cable) 203.0 x 117.2 x 68.9 mm (7.77 x 4.61 x 2.71 in)
Weight (without cable) Approx 270 g (9.54 oz)
Case Material Blend of ABS and polycarbonate, plus co-moulded rubber
Cable Length 2 m (6.6 ft)
Laser Classification Class 2 (IEC 825-1 and CDRH) G.P., L.R. and H.V.
  Class 1 (IEC 823-1 and CDRH) V.H.D.
Ambient Light Conditions Immune to light exposure in offices and facilities, and direct exposure to sunlight
Operating Temperature -10 to 50C (14 to 122 F)
Storage Temperature -20 to 60C (-4 to 140F)
Humidity 90% non condensing
Drop Resistance IEC 68-2-32 Test ED
Environment Protection Sealed against dust and rain

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Order Codes and Pricing

Order Code DLL6010-M/kw
General Purpose Industrial Laser Scanner, KeyWedge, including cable
Price... £ 545.00

Order Code DLL6010-M/rs
General Purpose Industrial Laser Scanner, RS232, including cable
Price... £ 545.00

Order Code DLL6015-M/rs
Long Range Industrial Laser Scanner, RS232, including cable
Price... £ 689.00

Order Code DLL6015-M/kw
Long Range Industrial Laser Scanner, KeyWedge, including cable
Price... £ 689.00

Order Code DLL6012-M/rs
Very High Density Industrial Laser Scanner, RS232, including cable
Price... £ 689.00

Order Code DLL6012-M/kw
Very High Density Industrial Laser Scanner, KeyWedge, including cable
Price... £ 689.00

Order Code DLL6019-M/rs
High Visibility Industrial Laser Scanner, RS232, including cable
Price... £ 689.00

Order Code DLL6019-M/kw
High Visibility Industrial Laser Scanner, KeyWedge, including cable
Price... £ 689.00

Please contact the Sales Office if you need any further information.

Ordering and Delivery

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