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Ordering and Delivery to the USA and Canada

How to get your Purchase Order to us

There are several ways to place orders or contact us. Listed below in order of preference with comments.

  1. Email
    Fast. Best for enquiries and general messages. Not recommended for credit card orders.
  2. Phone: +44 193 224 4110
    Simple enquiries only please. We prefer documented purchase orders but telephone is acceptable if your order is straight forward. Price and delivery quotations are better by email.
  3. Regular mail: Altek Instruments Ltd, Unit 18, Fisher Close, Walton on Thames, United Kingdom, KT12 5PN
    Generally reliable but can be slow outside the UK. Overseas customers should use air mail.

We will process your order immediately. If there is likely to be any delay we will contact you and give you the option to continue or to cancel the order.

What to include...


We can provide a price/delivery quotation if asked. It is important that you state the country where the goods are to be delivered and used. Not only does shipping costs and documentation vary considerably throughout the world but technical specifications differ from area to area.

If you are outside the UK local taxation may be relevant to you. Unless to the UK and EU we ship with local taxes unpaid. You may have to pay tax upon importation. Orders are accepted on the basis it is your responsibility to pay any local or importation taxes that may be due.

Even though we may quote prices in US dollars or other currencies they are derived from the UK Pound Sterling (GBP) price. World currencies vary regularly against each other and the price you actually pay may vary (up or down) from the price we quote. This is inevitable and unavoidable.

We maintain an up to date currency conversion utility here.

How to pay

Credit Card

  BarcodeMan accepts...
  Master Card
  American Express

Payment by credit card is the simplest and most flexible method of payment. Especially for one-off or occasional orders. We prefer this method but acknowledge some corporate bodies and others are not able to use this method.

We need all the following details...

Delivery can usually only be made to the Cardholder's Address unless the credit card company agrees.


Check made out in US dollars or by a check in UK Pounds Sterling (GBP) drawn against a sterling account held with a bank in the UK.

Checks should be made payable to Altek Instruments Ltd

Payment by a personal check may delay shipment until it clears.

Credit Account

Accounts are opened automatically for (Fortune Listed) major corporations and government agencies located in the UK, EU, USA and Canada. Others may apply for a credit account if regular orders are expected. Our credit terms 30 days from invoice date.

Other Payment Method?

Contact the sales office if you wish to pay by another method.

Shipping Guidelines

Approximate Shipping times

The following table gives the approximate delivery times for each world area.

The times are approximate and should be adjusted for non working days and public holidays. 'Regular Shipping' means the lowest price with a reasonable delivery period. 'Express Shipping' means the fastest delivery.

ZoneRegular ShippingExpress Shipping
European Union 2-5 days 1-2 days
Rest of Europe 2-7 days 1-2 days
USA and Canada 5-15 days 1-3 days
Rest of World 5-18 days 1-6 days

Shipping Costs

When ordering single units the following shipping costs will normally be charged. We would contact you prior to shipping if there need be any adjustment.

The main figure is quoted in UK Pounds Sterling (GBP) the figure in brackets is the approximate current equivalent in US Dollars (USD). The USD price is updated automatically when published currency rates change.

ZoneRegular ShippingExpress Shipping
European Union £ 11.00 (US$15.00) £ 22.00 (US$30.00)
Rest of Europe £ 12.00 (US$16.00) £ 27.00 (US$36.00)
USA and Canada £ 16.00 (US$22.00) £ 31.00 (US$42.00)
Rest of World £ 17.00 (US$23.00) £ 33.00 (US$44.00)
Based on rates from the Federal Reserve Bank NY dated: Mon, 18 Jun 2018 13:55:13 GMT

We charge the actual cost of shipping/handling. If you are ordering multiple units the shipping cost per item is considerably reduced. If you would like a quote for a particular shipment please ask here

If you already have an account with an International Carrier (for example FedEx or UPS) and wish us to ship with them we can usually arrange this if you provide us with your account details.

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