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Sorry but this product is no longer held as a stock item.

I may be able to continue to supply this model but for most applications there is a better alternative.

Visit my Archive page for links to replacement models.

Please email the Sales Office if you have any questions.

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  • Cable free design for exceptional mobility and safety.

  • Range up to 15m from base station.

  • Multiple scanners can interface with a single base station.

  • 7,000 scans for a full day`s use.

  • Bi-directional communication.

  • Completely integrated, ergonomic design and light weight for easy use.

  • Short or extended scanning ranges.

  • More that 1500 interfaces available.

  • Use of EasySet™ setup software (for Windows) for quick and easy installation.


ScanPlus 1802 and

MicroBar 9735




With its innovative wireless design, the handheld bar code scanner ScanPlus 1802, part of the ScanPlus 1800 series, brings cordless technology to the Retail, Health Care, Office and Light Industrial environments. Scanning is made easy and all bar codes are within reach.Also the scanner's unique ergonomic shape and light weight (232 g/8.2 oz.) makes it more coinfortable to use.

With an operating range of up to 15 meters and an autonomy of 7,000 scans, the ScanPlus 1802 offers exceptional performance.The battery pack (NiMH technology) is quickly recharged by the advanced two bay high speed charger for another day of intensive use. In addition, the ScanPlus 1802 uses the latest scanning technology for fast reading and decoding.

ScanPlus 1802 is highly flexible: with a choice between CCD and laser scanning devices, combined with the capability of connecting with more than 1500 interfaces, ScanPlus 1802 can match the requirements of the most demanding applications.

Data transmission is very efficient with narrow band technology (433MHZ and 908MHz).The two way communication system between the scanner and its base station allows real time transmission control and acknowledgement, to ensure complete reliability.The MicroBar 9735 base station can interface with multiple wireless scanners and up to 4 input devices. As with the MicroBar 9730, it offers extremely advanced data formatting capabilities.

Engineered with the operator in mind, a scanner is associated to its base simply by reading the Association Bar Code on the MicroBar 9735. To work in an other area, an operator needs only to scan the bar code on the corresponding base. 

Further more, the capability of interfacing multiple scanners to a unique base provides an extremely cost efficient solution. In common with most Intermec scanners, ScanPlus 1802 is compatible with EasySet setup software for the fastest on line or off line configuration.




A high-performance and compact wireless hand-held bar code scanner for Retail, Office, Healthcare and Light Industrial applications.

Models available include the ScanPlus 1802 SR (CCD) and ST (Laser).

Physical Characteristics

ScanPlus 1802  
  Length: 18cm (7")
  Width at handle: 3.3cm (1.3")
  Width at head: 6.4cm (2.5")
  Weight: 232g (8.2 oz) (inc. Battery)
MicroBar 9735  
  Length: 8.5 cm (3.35")
  Width at handle: 8.4 cm (3.3")
  Width at head: 4.2 cm (1.6")
  Weight: 84g (3 oz)
Design Features  
  Processor: Custom chip (ASIC inc. DSP processor) for fast signal processing and decoding . Flash memory.
  SR Optics: CCD Linear image sensor with sharp aiming beam. Light source: red, long life LEDs.
  ST Optics: Visable Laser diode @ 670 nm. Laser diode 2 IEC 825-1/CDRH Class II.
  Radio: 433Mhz and 908Mhz narrow band.


SR Models  
  Scan Rate: 400 scans per sec max.
  Minimum X dim: 4mil (0.1 mm)
  Skew: +/-65º
  Pitch: +/-70º
  Depth of field: 10cm (0-4") depending on code:

0.1 mm (4mil): 0-2 cm (0-0.8")
0.254 mm (10mil): 0-4 cm (0-1.6")
100% UPC/EAN: 0-5.5 cm (0-2.1")
038 mm (15mil): 0-6 cm (0-2.4")
0.5 mm (20mil): 0-7 cm (0-2.7")
0.7 mm (27mil): 0-10 cm (0-4")

  PCR: 25% min.
  Code width: 12cm (4") maximum (X-dimension above 10mil/.254mm)
ST Models    
  scan rate: 36 scan / sec
  Minimum X dimension: 0.125 mm (5 mil)
  Skew: +/- 55º
  Pitch: +/- 65º
  Depth of field: up to 50 cm, depending on code: 0.125 mm (5mil): 2.5-8 cm (1.3")
0.254 mm (10mil): 0-20 cm (0-7.9")
100% EAN/UPC: 0-25 cm (0-10")
0.38 mm (15mil):0-30 cm (0-12")
0.5 mm (20mil): 0-50 cm (0-20")

  PCR: 25% minimum
Bar Code supported  
  All Models: UPC E,A, EAN, Code 39; Interleaved, Matrix, Industrial and standard 2 of 5; Code 128, UCC EAN 128, Codabar, Code 93, MSI, Plessey.

Environmental Characteristics

  Operating temperature: 0º  to 40º C (32º to 104º F).
  Storage temperature: -25º to 55º C (-4º to 131º F).
  Relative humidity: 10% to 90% non - condensing.
  Shock: Withstands multiple drops of (3.2 ft) 1m to concrete.
  908 Mhz: UL Listed, cUL listed, UL 1950
  433 Mhz: TUV-Rheinland GS licensed EN60950, CE marked
  Range: Up to 15 meters (16.6 yds)
  Frequency: European version: unlicenced433 Mhz
U.S version: unlicensed 908Mhz 
  Approvals: European version: EN 300 220-1 U.S version: FCC Part 15.249
Base Station MicroBar 9735  
  Interfaces: RS232 C, Wedge to PC keyboards, including IBM, Apple Mac, and many retail terminals (including IBM 3XXX, NCR, Wyse, etc.)
  Wireless Devices: Possibility to connect multiple wireless scanners
  Input Devices: Up to 4 input devices
  Power requirements: + 5VDC (+/- 5%)
  Advanced Data formatting: Pre and postambles (20 characters + 2 characters for AIM symbology identifiers), port address (15 characters), masking and re-ordering function.
Battery Pack 600mAh, NiMH, 3.6V
  Capacity: Up to 7,000 scans
Charger Modular 2 bay charger 110/240 VAC
  Battery Recharge time: 3 hr max.
  Size: 200 x 120 x 75 mm
  1802 ST only: US DHHS Standard 21 CFR 1040, 10 and 1040, 11 (1994) as a class II Laser product, IEC 825-1 (1993), EN60825-1 (1994) Class 2.

     F.A.Qs on the ScanPlus 1802 Click Here

Download the Intermec PDF Specification Sheet Now


ScanPlus 1802 CCD

ScanPlus 1802 Laser

There are other options available. Please contact the Sales Office for details.

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