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For 30 years I have been helping organisations and individuals with their Barcode and Auto ID issues but now I have decided it is time to move on and retire from being the Barcode Man.

I will continue to respond to emails from existing customers about their earlier purchases, their special programming configurations and warranty issues but I regret I cannot help with new purchases or issues nor recommend alternative products or sources.

Lee Allen, The Barcode Man. February 2010


WARNING: This pages contain material which can change the configuration of your scanner or other equipment. You should not scan any barcode or follow any procedure unless you understand the issues or have been advised by our support engineer.

How to get help



Purpose: To increase the valid time to wait before transmission of data between a cordless scanner and base is considered failed. May be needed to mitigate interference from other radio systems being used in the area. Changing the channel number may also help. See SS-5100-RadAddr

1: Scan this barcode first
2: Scan this barcode second
3: Now scan two numbers from sheet SS-9000-HexNum. The numbers represent a time period (in seconds). Any value in range 02-19 is valid. The default 02 representing 2 seconds.
4: Scan this barcode to complete the procedure.

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