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Barcode Man

Sorry but I can no longer supply this product.

The reason is one or more of these:

  • ...the product has been discontinued or replaced by the manufacturer.
  • ...there is now a similar, improved, upgraded or better product at similar or lower cost.
  • ...I have decided to discontinue the product on technical grounds.

Wherever possible I will try to offer a suitable alternative. Visit my Archive page of discontinued products to view suggested alternatives or contact the Sales Office for advice.

IT4410 Scanner for 2D and conventional barcodes

Suitable for...

ImageTeam 4410 scanner


This scanner is ideal for scanning the latest generation of two dimensional 2D barcodes as well as linear (conventional) barcodes, stacked linear barcodes and OCR fonts.

The IT4410 is a true raster scanner. This means it reads a whole 2D barcode symbol in one 'hit'. Unlike other low cost linear 2D scanners it does not have to be moved in a vertical direction over the image while scanning.

The IT4410 is a complex scanner with a host of features. However most users simply need a reliable scanner to read data into a PC. To meet this need we pre-configure and test the scanner immediately prior to shipping. You just need to connect up and start scanning.

Full information on this scanner is available by downloading the the manufacturers sheet (but first read "Barcode Man Says" below).

If you would like a detailed technical account of the full capability of this scanner download the Users Guide...

Which Model to Choose?

Because the IT4410 is a fixed focus device, four models with different focal points are available. The scanning range of each model overlaps the others and most applications can be satisfied by choosing from either the HD or the LR models. These are generally available on a short lead time.

As a rough rule of thumb consider the widest barcode symbol you need to scan. If the width is less than 50 mm and the barcode is relatively high resolution then choose the IT4410HD. If the barcode is wider than 50mm with medium or low resolution choose the LR. In my opinion the IT4410LR covers a wider range of uses for general scanning. However the IT4410HD is needed for small high res barcodes used in some industries like electronics.

Comparative information about the resolution and barcode size capabilities of each scanner can be found by clicking the scan-map links below. If you are unsure which model is best for you contact the sales office for advice. It may help us if you are able to send a typical example of the symbol you wish to scan.

Barcode Man

This is a good value scanner for 'Snap shot' reading a wide range of 2D barcodes including most recently introduced symbologies. It also reads all the popular 1D (conventional) barcodes and OCR too- this scanner does it all!

If this scanner has a downside it is its host of special features (nobody needs them all) and a confusing selection of interfaces and optical characteristics. This is not helped by the manufacturers data sheet which is full of jargon and hype which I find unnecessary and confusing.

It is easy to be confused over which is the best model to buy. However the most common use for this scanner is reading 2D barcodes into a PC. For this purpose the IT4410/LR/kw is the most popular model though you may be better with the IT4410/HD/kw if barcodes in your industrial sector are small and very high resolution.

We test and configure the scanner for you just prior to despatch. You just connect up and start scanning. If you are unsure or have a special need contact the sales office. It sometimes helps if you can send us a sample of a typical code you wish to scan.

2D technology is moving ahead very quickly. Our stocks of this scanner move quickly too so you can be sure of always getting the latest model and software revision.

Prices & Ordering
The Web Prices shown here are specially discounted and apply only for automated credit card orders made from this web page. If you need a special configuration mention it on the order form and I will contact you if further details are needed. Purchase orders from existing customers, educational, public sector and other organisations are accepted. Normal prices and conditions will apply. Please ask if you need help or a quote.

Supplied complete and ready to scan

We test and configure all IT4410 scanners immediately prior to shipment. The scanner is supplied with everything necessary to start scanning regular and 2D barcodes within minutes of unpacking. The scanner includes cable, universal power supply and documentation. Special requirements can be set up at no additional charge if mentioned when ordering. The standard interface for PCs (IBM compatibles) is KeyWedge. Other interfaces are available- ask if you need something different, for example if your primary interest is capturing images of signatures from documents you will probably need the RS232 version. All scanners purchased from us are supported for life (for as long as you continue to use it). I regret we cannot support scanners purchased elsewhere.

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